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1. What is included in the rental price?
The rental price does include: motor liability insurane, locker, helmets, assistance in case of emergency or any problem related to the scooter (inside a radius of ca 10 km / highway A90).
2. Is parking on the streets safe?
In ten years we had never had any case of larceny. We do provide our clients with a high quality locker, but if you still donīt feel comfortable letting the scooter outside you can leave it in a garage we have stabilized prices with.
3. Where can I park the scooter during my trips?
Rome does have a large number of parking possibilities reserved to only scooters and motobikes throughout the whole centre area – plus there is no parking fee for parking inside the blue striped areas for scooters (attention: there is for cars!).
4. Can I get and leave your scooters only on via Cavour 199?
We do have a delivery and drop-off service for our vehicles. We will bring the scooter wherever is comfortable for you (inside a radius of ca 10 km / highway A90) and you can leave it wherever you want. This exclusive service costs €10 for delivery and €15 for delivery and drop-off. Please do book this service on-line so we can get organised!
5. Do scooters have access to the historical city centre?
Yes! Even in the "ZTL" (traffic limited areas) scooters and motocycles can enter (Attention! Cars cannot!).
6. Do I need an international driver's license?
No, a valid car-driver's license is enough.
7. Do I need to have 18 years to rent a scooter?
Yes, you can drive the scooter with a special license for it, but the rental must occur under the responsibility of an adult.